A Tribute to Man's Best Friend

This week while doing my usual rounds on Vimeo trying to find inspiration, I came across a video titled "Denali". Given the title, I clicked expecting to see some sort of North Face/Patagonia expedition video that Vimeo seems to be flooded with (not complaining). While it was in fact sponsored by Patagonia, soon after hitting play I realized this wasn't one of those videos. The short film starts with a wide establishing shot of a van driving onto a beach. We see a surfer, then a cut to the ocean and a man wading in the water on his board. This is where things start to throw me off a bit. There's a narrator, who says some things that are...peculiar we'll say. Finally we see a dog, waiting for his master back in the aforementioned van. Suddenly the context of the narration makes sense as it's the dogs point of view. Denali is a tribute. An 8 minute video that effectively sums up a lifetimes relationship between Ben Knight and his Dog, Denali. Their highs, their lows, and inevitably, their goodbye. I can't recall the last time I saw a video with such poignancy, that still managed to leave me with a stupid grin on my face. Denali in my eyes is filled with stunning visuals and gripping narration. But enough of me talking about it. Go check it out for yourself!

My First Blog Post

Welcome, come one come all, to the blog section of KC Productions. For a while know I've wanted an outlet to share my inspirations in video and post regularly on things I've come across.  It could be anything. It could be a commercial, a short film, a new band or even a picture. Regardless of the medium this is where I'll share my inspirations for anyone who cares to keep up.