A Tribute to Man's Best Friend

This week while doing my usual rounds on Vimeo trying to find inspiration, I came across a video titled "Denali". Given the title, I clicked expecting to see some sort of North Face/Patagonia expedition video that Vimeo seems to be flooded with (not complaining). While it was in fact sponsored by Patagonia, soon after hitting play I realized this wasn't one of those videos. The short film starts with a wide establishing shot of a van driving onto a beach. We see a surfer, then a cut to the ocean and a man wading in the water on his board. This is where things start to throw me off a bit. There's a narrator, who says some things that are...peculiar we'll say. Finally we see a dog, waiting for his master back in the aforementioned van. Suddenly the context of the narration makes sense as it's the dogs point of view. Denali is a tribute. An 8 minute video that effectively sums up a lifetimes relationship between Ben Knight and his Dog, Denali. Their highs, their lows, and inevitably, their goodbye. I can't recall the last time I saw a video with such poignancy, that still managed to leave me with a stupid grin on my face. Denali in my eyes is filled with stunning visuals and gripping narration. But enough of me talking about it. Go check it out for yourself!